Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the USEP and any other political party?

The USEP cannot be labeled as Republican or Democrat--nor can we be called a Populist Party. Independent in spirit, the party will not align itself with radical or poll-based issues of interest. The USEP is a positive and mindfully forward movement which demands personal and professional accountability, ethics, and integrity in Congress.

Why Belong to the USEP?

We want you to join our party because we feel there is a need for fundamental change in the conduct of today’s political environment. The USEP wants to make profound but thoughtful reforms to the way politics and national policy is currently carried out in our nation. We think many Americans feel the same way.

Who can join the USEP?

Anyone can join the USEP. We heartily welcome people of all races, colors, and national origin. No one is barred from entry into the party and all are given the same opportunities to share in the party’s goals and successes.

Once I am a member, what do I do?

Once you are a member, you are free to help us spread the word and involve yourself in any of our projects. Or, you may want to fill a position on the national party committee or establish / join your own state party committee. We would also readily welcome volunteers who are skilled at using social media, creating websites, and familiar with political fundraising.

What can I do to help the USEP?

You can help the USEP in many ways. You may want to volunteer to run our home page, manage fundraising activities or simply distribute literature and educate others of our efforts. And of course financial donations are always welcome. The USEP depends on its constituents to provide its operating assets, so you are really only limited by your imagination as to in what you can do for the party.

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