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The United States Equalitarian Party (USEP) invites you to join us in protecting our U.S. Constitution and restoring faith in our government. The party seeks the return of government service before self-interest, personal and professional integrity, and recognition that U.S. Citizens control the U.S. government – not the other way around. The USEP also promotes equal opportunity as a pathway to success for all Americans while recognizing equal opportunity does not necessarily correspond to equality of condition / outcome. If this sounds like something that appeals to you, then come join us in our journey!

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What is The U.S. Equalitarian Party?

The Equalitarian Party of the United States is a political party based on equality for all. The USEP believes moral character development and social responsibility is possible with minimal religious influence, and so it supports the Constitution's founding fathers' belief there should be separation between church and state.

Key tenets of the party lie in election reforms, the implementation of a flat tax, the belief that medical care is a societal responsibility, a leveled age of majority / adulthood, licensing for the possession and use of firearms, a well financed unified militia supported by national / civil service, a national identification card, and civil litigation reform.

The party's foundation is built on a strong sense of social responsibility, environmental respect, personal freedoms, individual accountability, and the firm separation between church and state. The party insures religious freedom, but prohibits its power of influence on the constitution.

The USEP recognizes differing sexual, ethnic and religious persuasion, but will not accept the politicization of these identity-based elements. The USEP strongly believes individual responsibility is the cornerstone of societal growth and paves the road to personal and communal progression.

Key Party Tenets

Election reforms
Election Reforms

The USEP would like to replace single choice voting with ranked choice voting in primary and general elections and replace one winner districts with larger multi-member winner districts. Equalitarians would also like to reform the state winner take all POTUS Electoral College votes with a proportional voting method used by Thomas Jefferson to fill the original House of Representatives and which would closer reflect a popular vote. Learn more ...

Flat tax
A Flat Tax

The USEP believes in a flat tax. It is the party's belief all U.S. adult residents and businesses, regardless of economic status, should pay a proportional share in funding the government's operating expenses. We feel an equal share means an equal voice. Equalitarians would seek to have the U.S. Constitution amended to cap a citizen's combined state and federal tax rate to twenty-five percent of their annual income. Learn more ...

Election reforms
A Levelled Age of Majority / Adulthood

American youth face confusion as to when they are considered a full adult. The USEP would like see the title of adult adopted with a solemnity that recognizes the gravity of responsibility the individual is adopting. A civil ceremony is suggested and encouraged in order to provide the young adult with a sense of transition - a rite of passage signally the passing from childhood to adulthood. Learn more ...

Election reforms
Healthcare as a Societal Responsibility

The USEP believes preventative, primary, and emergency medical care is not a privilege; it is an affluent nation's societal responsibility. Medical care will be based on socialized programs for preventative education, basic, and emergency care. Citizen procured private medical insurance programs would be recommended to support elective and cosmetic procedures. Learn more ...

Election reforms
Licensing of Firearms

The U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment guarantees a U.S. citizen the right to bear arms. The USEP would like to see the owners of those guns licensed and trained in the use of those weapons. We relate the ownership and use of a weapon to any other form of dangerous machinery which requires training and licensing to operate. Learn more ...

Election reforms
A Well-Financed National Defense

The USEP believes peace lies in the strength of a well-equipped and well-educated defense force. The party supports deterrence through a unified national defense strategy supported by young adult national / civil service programs. Equalitarians believe civically educated citizens are better able to understand the mechanics and administration of their government, better equipped to vote, and better prepared to take up arms if needed to defend their nation. Learn more ...

Election reforms
A National Identity Card

The USEP favors the use of a non-financially tied national identity card. Equalitarians believe a national identity card can be used to significantly reduce the fraud, waste, and abuse American tax payers are saddled with annually. The card could be used to verify age of majority, citizenship, immigration status, eligibility for medical coverage / government aid, and the validity of drivers / firearms licensing. Learn more ...

Election reforms
Regulated / Reformed Civil Litigation

U.S. Courts are heavily burdened with countless lawsuits seeking damages by entities whose only goal is monetary gain. The USEP would like to cap successful lawsuit damage awards to three times the calculated real damage of the wrong. This damage cap would not limit the amount of punitive damages deemed necessary by the courts. It would simply direct those funds to the affected sector of society’s safety programs (e.g., road, food, medical, etc.). Learn more ...

Select Party Comparisons on Key Issues

Party Comparisons on Key Issues
Key Issues Democrats Equalitarians Republicans
Role of Government Consider government control helpful in the citizen's life; progressive left of center perspective on social issues; perceived to have the propensity to tax and spend; criticized for appearing to favor socialist / communist policies. Believe minimal government control (especially Federal) is needed in a citizen's life; have a morally pragmatic perspective on social issues; are perceived as a purposeful wedge between the Republicans and Democrats; could be criticized for being “green “ and idealistic. Maintain limited government control is required in a citizen's life; have a conservative right of center perspective on social issues; perceived to base political doctrine on Christian tenets; are often criticized for favoring big business and careless with the environment.
National Level Policy Issues Democrats Equalitarians Republicans
Foreign Policy Trust in diplomacy and are increasingly dependent on allied support to address our nation’s adversaries. Claim human rights are a priority, but will choose business interests first. Policies imply American exceptionalism is no longer believed or pursued. Strong proponents of the United Nations (U.N.). Are non-interventionists, but not isolationists. Support U.S. involvement in regionally based security pacts, and believe in peace through strength; they are prepared to defend democracies when American presence is requested and when it is in the national interest. Skeptical with regard to the utility of the U.N. Seek global recognition of power through displayed strength and pursued influence; prioritize advancement of U.S. business interests and national security over cooperation and human rights concerns; strong proponents of American exceptionalism. Committed ally of Israel and highly critical of the United Nations (U.N.).

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