For Election Reforms — The United States Equalitarian Party (USEP) Favors Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

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The USEP would like to replace single choice voting with ranked choice voting (RCV) in primary and general elections. For those unfamiliar with RCV, here below is an explanation.

what is ranked choice voting?
why should we use ranked choice voting?
who / what states are using ranked choice voting?
how is rcv different to how we elect people now?
how can we get rcv in our state?
rcv sources and resources

In another form of voting reform, the USEP would like to replace one winner districts with larger multi-member winner districts. The party would also like to reform the state winner take all POTUS Electoral College votes with a proportional voting method used by Thomas Jefferson to fill the original House of Representatives and which would closer reflect a popular vote as outlined here.

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