Where are all the Hispanic / Latino People on TV?

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Demographics Indicate There Should Be More Hispanics On TV

My wife watches everything on TV - and I mean everything. She watches police shows, medical shows, game shows, soap operas, sports, morning news programming and all the commercials in between. You name it, she’s watching it. Sometimes I sit down in my armchair with her next to me on the couch. Instead of paying attention to content like she does, I am paying attention to soundtracks, production, and casting. Lately, I have had to ask; where are all the Hispanic / Latino people? Shouldn’t there be a lot more of them on TV?

Great question I tell myself – or is it? Well, to answer that, I went to our nation’s most recent census page to make sure I wasn’t just trying to make a mountain out of some broadcast molehill. Here is a pie chart made from that data.

U.S. Demographics 2020
U.S. Demographics (2020 Census Figures [Rounded])

If I am reading this pie chart right, and assuming television producers in today’s racially obsessed environment want to equally and equitably be as inclusive as possible, I expect any given scene look something like this…

For every two to three White people, we should see at least one, if not two Hispanics / Latinos, one Black, and the weighted option to include an Asian, an Islander, or maybe and Arab, or Indigenous person? Now I’ve never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but, I know that’s not what I am seeing on TV. U.S. demographics are for some reason not matching up with programing or casting. I wonder why?

I am flipping through the top three to four national channels and the hundred plus others on streaming or cable, but I am not seeing a lot of Hispanic / Latino sitcoms, character leads, game show hosts. For that matter, I’m not even seeing their proportional representation in commercial advertisements. Again, I wonder why?

Is it because the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and other racial groups are getting the attention they demand? Is that why we see what looks like overrepresentation of one race over another? Is it because a particular race owns the show we are watching and so we are more likely to see that group’s faces? All interesting questions, but they still don’t account for why there seems to be a real lack of Hispanic people in / on television. Maybe they are not big television watchers. Maybe they are too busy trying to establish a new home and future in America and don’t have time for such foolishness. It’s hard to say, but if any of you have ideas or answers, I’d be more than willing to listen to them.

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