Origins of the U.S. Equalitarian Party (USEP)

USEP Origins

USEP Crest - Then and Now

The United States Equalitarian Party (USEP) was started in response to its founder noticing a serious deterioration of our Constitutional rights, increasingly poor appointments of our nation’s chief executive, and growing corruption, abuses of power, and unethical behaviors exhibited by members of Congress and in our government writ large.

The USEP Wants to Protect Our U.S. Constitution

Simultaneously, the USEP’s founder realized citizens were forgetting they are in control of their Federal and State governments - not the other way around. Voters were losing sight of their responsibility for holding elected officials accountable for their unanswered acts of malfeasance. Primary among them, the erosion of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Our First Amendment rights are under constant assault from the White House, Congress, and numerous three-lettered agencies to include the Dept. of Justice (DOJ), the National Security (NSA), and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Aided by the nation’s most powerful print and social media outlets and their corporate owners, partisan politicians have created an environment generating two questioned Presidential elections, the dual impeachment of a sitting U.S. president, and the rampant flow of misinformation and disinformation aimed at controlling citizens through the spread of disunity and tribalism.

Our second amendment rights are being attacked by individuals who continue to believe inanimate firearms are responsible for killing people instead of those who employ them in the commission of a crime. These same people believe additional / new gun laws will be followed by criminals who are not following them now. Anti-firearm proponents refuse to understand the only people who will follow new / additional gun laws are the responsible citizens following them now. There is no word strong enough to describe the people who fail to realize these facts. These are people who believe personal accountability is a thing of the past.

Our fourth amendment rights have been eviscerated. From cell phone captures, multi-spectral imagery being taken by overhead drones, to license plate readers, to facial recognition software aided by artificial intelligence; citizen privacy has been gutted. The USEP will do its absolute best to stop these unpatriotic acts of tyranny. This party will not trade personal liberties for security methodologies used to facilitate greater government control over a citizen’s life.

In addition to standing against the shameful dismantling of our Bill of Rights, the USEP is moving to change the direction of American politics and the increasingly poor choices offered to fill the position of our nation’s top executive as evidenced by:

  • Poor judgement and evasion of responsibility exercised by President Clinton. His actions in office bore a generation of politicians who now refuse to take accountability for their actions. The sense of shame leaders once felt for embarrassing themselves and their nation, often accompanied by the public act of resignation, disappeared as consequence of his poor leadership.
  • Perpetuated lies and overreach of power by the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration - especially in relation to the responses surrounding the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the resulting misdirected war in Iraq. A new generation of Americans realized they no longer believe what came out of the White House and fell victim to a most unpatriotic “Patriot Act”.
  • Ineffectual leadership, and embarrassingly weak foreign policy, (e.g., Syria, Libya, Ukraine, etc.) by a President who, uniquely positioned by his own personal racial background to become a national unifier, instead fell victim to the malign influence around him and chose to perpetuate, rather than heal, racial divisions in this nation.
  • A self-serving narcissist who’s highly disreputable business practices set a new standard for unethical and reprehensible behavior by a U.S President – actions which created a societal environment allowing for an even more corrupt figure to replace him.
  • The doubted election of a corrupt inveterate liar of questionable competence who is eroding our constitutional rights and squandering the reputation of the FBI and the DOJ.

America Deserves Better Leadership

The character of men filling the highest positions of leadership in America has been abysmal for over four decades. The USEP wants that to change. Equalitarians refuse to believe these extremely poor examples of leadership are in any way representative of the caliber of candidates available in our nation’s citizenry. The USEP knows there are better qualified men and women in this nation upon whom we could trust the direction of our democracy. It is time these people stood up and sacrifice the comfort of their private lives for the survival of this nation’s soul. As Americans, we should no longer bear the need to suffer the shame of this nation’s lack of leadership and broken moral compass.

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Contemporary members of Congress have built careers out of misused campaign voter contributions and misappropriated citizen tax dollars. They have abused countless legislative actions / processes to gain millions upon millions of dollars and favors ranging from registering private homes as federal buildings to avoid paying taxes, to sharing inside information on stock markets, and to providing kickbacks and uncompleted contracts to corporate industry. The list of shockingly selfish and greed driven acts are as long in list as they are disgusting in understatement. It needs to stop.

The USEP wants these unconscionable acts to cease and will fight to bring back accountability to both houses of Congress. Shame on all who tolerate and vote to perpetuate this criminal, immoral, and unethical behavior by our nation’s decision makers. As a minimal act of courage, the USEP requests you not under any circumstance, vote for an incumbent party government official. The USEP heartily welcomes supporters and representatives from all of who / what America is and wants to be. Arab, Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, Islander, Indigenous or Otherwise - you are more than welcome to join our team. Now is the time to start our new tomorrow.

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